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you must go as two.

i listened to the wind as you drove by. it said "nail him."

you must go as two
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a "Thunderheart" fanworks community

This is a community for fanfiction, meta, picspam, and general love for the movie Thunderheart. Anything Thunderheart-related is fair game.

This journal only allows posting by members, but membership is unmoderated. Please join us!

  • Content must be at least peripherally related to Thunderheart.
  • Be nice. It is possible to have a civil conversation on the internet; I've seen it happen.
  • If something's huge, put it behind a cut tag.
  • Label adult things appropriately. Just think of the children.
  • Do not crosspost anything to Facebook, Twitter, or any other site without the express permission of the author.

If any of that riles you, I suggest you hit the road, chief.

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